School Council

All council members will play a role in developing our school for the better; developing and communicating ideas and practices that will further the schools aims and support the current focus i.e. Rights Respecting Schools, Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural Education, British Values and Healthy Schools.

School Councillors

One child from each class is selected by the pupils to serve on the Council for one year. The School Council meet regularly and members report for their class, both to and from the Council on issues arising.

Eco Councillors

Children who are elected to be on the School Council also have the opportunity to represent our school as Eco Councillors. In this role they have a particular focus on the environment. They will work closely with the eco-schools lead teacher to promote environmental matters, help with our recycling efforts and move the school forward towards the global eco-goals. 

Meet the Council...

Amethyst - Noah

Diamond - Hanna

Emerald - Layla

Garnet - Sienna

Moonstone - Ollie

Opal - Aiden

Pearl - Rosalie

Quartz - Arthur W

Ruby - Ellie

Sapphire - Lucy

Topaz - Jack