School Council

Down Hall's School Council consists of two children from each class. These councillors are elected by their class to serve on the council for a year. The role of the school council is to give the children an increased input into some of the decision making in school. For example, in choosing the school's supported charity and in wider initiatives such as road safety. They also get the opportunity to work with other schools in the local area.

Older children on the council form the executive committee. The executive committee will be announced later on this year.
Meet the Council...

Amethyst - Grace and Joshua
Diamond - Ellie and Leo
Emerald - Lily-Grace and Sam
Garnet - Ben and Hannah
Moonstone - Adam and Ava
Opal - Lucy and Oliver
Pearl - Florence and Tim
Quartz - Blue-Belle and Jude
Ruby - Charlotte and Jack (Treasurer)
Sapphire - James (Vice - Chairperson) and Sophie (Secretary)
Topaz - Ella and Jamie (Chairperson)