Year 1/2 Music
Spring term 2019. Listening and composition.
This term so far we have been creating 8 note melodies on the glockenspiel, then writing these in a whole class composition with a repeating tune (rondo form). For the guitarists amongst you, the class were in three groups, each working on a different set of notes loosely based around the three chords of C, F and G.
We will next be spending some time with basic rhythms, with the help of words (cat, rab-bit, but-ter-fly, cat-er-pil-lar) and playing 4 short tunes with these rhythms which all fit together in 4 parts like a jigsaw.

Later in the term we will be listening to extracts of songs from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Firstly we will think how to describe the different characters with words, and then write our own tunes (letter names with the help of the glockenspiel) for a chosen character. The rest of the class will then play "Guess the character" as we listen to each other's tunes.